July 2, 2012

del mar meditations.

Some places
expire, if you start look deeper
the search for substance

(in retrospect the above could also be told to those willing to date me)

Here we are again
The guilt I feel for looking at my phone
in such a gorgeous place
dissipates when I realize I only want to share beauty
with my friends.

The pressure to look good here
is crushing.
It's inevitable that physical health
becomes the priority
while the important fabric of ourselves
is neglected and rots away.

2 miles stretch of beach
everyone had bikinis
I had a book

lose their way
even when the tide
reveals their path.

The scene (I'll set it up)
A young man holding an expensive camera
Sets his two year old baby girl on a towel
and walks carefully away from her to the beach
looking back every few steps, but careful not to miss his perfect picture
He is search of the opportune shot of the morning tide
with every stride away from her, he becomes more worried
as his daughter is now quite far from him.
But his worry is misguided.
The problem is that his camera
is facing the wrong direction.

If I don't get back, Brian might be worried I've been
swallowed by the sea
and I have been.

No one notices
old men on benches

The only time I feel at home in this rich place
is when I am swept up
in a group of Mexican workers
taking out the trash.

A beautiful story about
doing something extraordinary
but you cannot be great
without a tender heart

Kids on the beach
scream for their lives
and run from the waves
I've spent most of my life doing this.

Being here, in beach paradise
doesn't make me want a surfboard.
It makes me want a family.

Because it's fun
When seagulls poop
they aim for open mouths.

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