September 7, 2011

Let's talk!

Okay guys, tell me a little about your inspirations to write.
What makes those creative juices flow. What pushes you to put down that remote, turn off that movie, and sit down and just write it out?

For me it's a lot of things. Mostly emotions.
But things that inspire me?
Dr. Mario.


  1. Lately it's been Mumford and Sons, Iron and Wine and Sufjan Stevens.

  2. Thrice & C.S. Lewis. Nothing makes me feel like I'm going to explode creation like Thrice and Jack. And I know it sounds super pretentious...but floral flavored lattes. I found two places that serves lavender lattes and rose & dark chocolate lattes, and one sip just totally awakens me to something OTHER about life. They might be laced with something.

  3. John and abbie - I would love to see any writings that were inspired by mumford or thrice. Even just a line.

    For me, music obviously plays a big part but I'm mostly inspired by interactions between people. Hearing my friends laugh in the other room. Watching a dad teach his son something. Or even a soft touch between spouses.

    Sam - I would love to see where a specific movie inspires a certain line or writing

  4. John- All good! Iron and Wine especially! :) I can sooo see it!

    Abbie- Umm where is this you speak of???? Rose and dark chocolate? You have been withholding dear friend!

    Quinn- I'm totally with you on interactions!!! Big big connection on what I write about! With movies, I mostly watch and think "Why did that work?" I also try to channel emotions, so I'm really visual. And seeing people it's easier to pick up on emotions. So I try to study the body movements and channel them into the emotions that are playing out in my manuscript. Which is why you will find I always describe what the persons hands are doing at the time. Hands tell a lot about how the person feels when they are doing what it is they are doing. Specific movies, well I told you once already when I am writing an action sequence I almost always have "The Bourne Identity" playing. :)

  5. Quinn,
    The end of the zombie novel was inspired by listening to "After the Storm" on repeat. I think the moments I see in real life shape me, but not in a way that allows me to access it instantly (if that makes sense). Although I did have a scene in "Drawn into Danger" that was inspired by watching a stroller move closer toward traffic while his mom flirted with a stranger. It was just too powerful a memory to leave alone.

  6. John-
    It's been Mumford for me, too. Something about the emotion in their music really strikes me. Different songs connect with me on different days, depending in my mood and what other things are going on inside me.
    Annie- not pretentious, that sounds amazing!

    I think my issue is that the need, desire, inspiration to write just happens to me. I havent found a way to get in that state at will.

  7. Jess-
    "I think my issue is that the need, desire, inspiration to write just happens to me. I haven't found a way to get in that state at will."

    A resounding, hearty 'WORD' to that. I found the following quote in one of my class reads last week, that's pretty much been challenging me every morning since, to take a step out of silence:

    “[i]deas may drift into other minds, but they do not drift my way. I have to go and fetch them. I know no work manual or mental to equal the appalling heart-breaking anguish of fetching an idea from nowhere.”
    -A.A. Milne