March 21, 2012

the start of a novel

I'm taking a story that I've been telling each night to Joel and Micah about the first female monster to join the Guardian Squad. It is admittedly a bit whimsical - monsters repurposing the parts of our world that we've abandoned in return for protecting us. I don't care. I want to escape into a story that is not meant to be about a deep theme, but about the story itself.

Monsters inhabit the places abandoned by humans – rusty cars, vacant apartment complexes, far-off forests and the shadowy factories of modern ghost towns. They congregate in dark places, filled with crumbly concrete, exposed wires and vines taking back what once was wild.  But they also inhabit places of fear and grief and laughter and all the other places abandoned in the name of “getting over it” or “growing up.”

Whole communities of monsters live together, invisible to humans. They tell stories, share meals, play games and raise families by repurposing what people have left behind. Watch closely and you’ll see the reporters of the Wild Gazette tapping away on old typewriters at the abandoned beet processing plant across from Milford Street. Look under the rickety bench of the public bus stop and you just might hear two monsters engaged in a lively debate revolving around which members they plan to vote into the Council.

Ever tripped on a sidewalk for no reason and wondered what could have caused you to miss that step? Ever felt a brush against your shoulder only to realize that you were all alone? Chances are you’ve run into a monster.

March 13, 2012

the religious.

can talk about
old wine in new skins
new wine in old skins
but can't talk about their own skin