October 31, 2012

In the water - new writings

the leading
some seek it
the thrill
the warming of whiskey in your bones
a body on top of yours
the newest adventure
but I was led
into the wild
a Voice spoke once
and I heard twice
the true meaning
of unpredictable
the true wild
in the Spirit

The Bear
Slowly, I walked
until I stopped
at a rustle in the forest
a bear, I thought
I stood exposed, unarmed
For a moment
with all my heart
I believed
I was led here to die
that somehow
this trip was meant to end my life
a bear, or a crash on the road
then God spoke to me:
“The only reason I’d take your life
is so that we could be together.
I want to be near to you.”

I have all day
to get terribly lost
and find my way back
to you

The lost beatitude II
Blessed are the quiet
for they will be filled with sound.

Seeds of winter
Outline the science of reason
Explain the revolving season
Follow the trail of logic and fact
The One who knows, turns His back

To paint the leaves orange
Painting the red jay, blue
I explained it away –
what my soul already knew

Where fear and curiosity
drive the obvious into minds
the mind’s shallow thoughts fall short
What gave the humming bird it’s lines?

the motive we search for
answered forevermore-
The Master of the seasons
has for each, His reasons

in the water
my commitments submerged

Noble blood
given, yet not received
The devout’s love takes flight
but like the love before theirs
the love fills men with spite

innocence draws out wolves
to pray upon the sheep
Making snares for the pure
Plotting death while they sleep

We know where love is, God is
but we also know the fact
Where Light is, dark is
the evil of men counteract

our greatest discoverings
are wanderings

to come home
one can only hope to
come down from the mountain
free of fraud           
unspoiled in the mind
full of freedom
rid of cowardice

Where hearts uncomplicate motives
The unraveling of sin and self
Feel the bar rise
To strip us down

simplicity is found
with forgiveness
Grace is the path to
purity between people